Health Tech Innovation Foundation Services

for R&D and commercialization to accelerate the growth and success of innovative health-care technologies

Our Services

HTI connects businesses and research and clinical worlds for health technology innovation and advancement.   It accomplishes this in multiple ways. It provides a physical locus where scientists, engineers, clinicians, entrepreneurs and many others work together day in and day out in purpose-built and designed spaces.  Spaces intended to create synergy, to spark new ideas and to facilitate communications.

Embedded Research Facilities

HTI  provides invaluable connections to post-secondary research “engines” such as SFU, BCIT, KPU, and UBC, as well as into tertiary health care environments like Surrey Memorial Hospital. It bundles expertise at the health interface – expertise needed to bring ideas and opportunities to company growth and profitability.

Strategic Advisory and Promotion

 Providing clinical access and expediting clinical trials through established contacts and clinical ethics protocol harmonization

 Creating new technology opportunities through business development activities, established expertise and networks

 Accelerating technology/product development by providing early stage advice, guidance, and strategic connections to SME’s and early-stage companies

 Establishing non-dilutive funding opportunities through government funding initiatives for university-industry collaborative research

 Connecting industry partners with scientific expertise, tools, and HQP available at universities, hospitals and other life science organizations to advance technologies/products to market

 Facilitating service contracts for HTC clients by working with the respective technology development offices of universities/hospitals

 Promoting new technologies/products through organizing events and marketing technologies through multiple distribution channels both foreign and domestic

 Assist companies find global partners and  international markets